For Educators

Our mission began in 1978 and remains unchanged. We seek to…

Foster original and creative thinking and to make learning fun.

Teaching Creativity
Creative Problem-Solving Can Be Taught

Effective Hands-On Educational Experiences

Inspire Students to Think Creatively and to Love Learning

Behind every great student is at least one great educator – a teacher who can bridge the divide from the front to the back of a classroom, a guide who shows how education helps navigate the inevitable challenges of adult life, a coach who can foster original thinking and make learning fun. Participation in Odyssey of the Mind helps teachers offer their students opportunities to:

  • take imaginative learning paths
  • develop critical thinking skills
  • have fun learning.

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STEM Fundamentals

Stimulate Self-Sufficient Learning Skills …Make Learning Fun

Odyssey of the Mind problems and curriculum activities incorporate every subject and inspire students to love learning. Our primary objective is to provide participants with opportunities to learn critical thinking within a safe, competitive environment that teaches teamwork and many other life-long skills. Our competitions are not about winning– they are about learning.

We believe that the learning process is more important than the results. Because many of life’s challenges are divergent in nature, we prepare students for the future with creative problem-solving skills that are developed through divergent problem-solving.

We also train educators how to coach and judge official Odyssey of the Mind competitions. Lessons from these trainings are also valuable in the classroom.

Implement 21st Century Learning / Skills …Teaching Beyond the Box

Since the 1970′s, Odyssey of the Mind has been helping educators implement the same skills promoted in the 21st Century Learning movement, which calls for the development of a contemporary curriculum for digital literacy and career skills, with a focus on learning creativity and innovation through activities that promote higher-order thinking. Odyssey of the Mind introduces educators to innovative approaches to teaching that integrate critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and communication into the teaching of core academic subjects, including  STEAM concepts.

Introduce Fun at All Learning Levels …Applies Across the Curriculum

Odyssey of the Mind not only promotes the importance of developing creative problem-solving skills, but believes that students become more engaged when having fun. This is why our problems often reward humor in a performance, and we encourage students to incorporate their interests in each solution. We also want our adult volunteers to have fun as well! Our hope is that teaching creative-problem solving is just as fun as developing it.