World Finals 2013

May 22-25, 2013

Michigan State University

World Finals

The pinnacle of international team-based creative problem-solving tournaments!

Good Luck Omers!

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The 2013 Games Begin!

2013 Problems Synopses

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Problem 1: Pet Project

Divisions I, II, & III

Problem 2: The Email Must Go Through

Divisions I, II, III, & IV

Problem 3: ARTchitecture: The Musical

Divisions I, II, III & IV

Problem 4: Tumble-wood

Divisions I, II, III & IV

Problem 5: It’s How You Look at It

Divisions I, II, III & IV

Primary: Top Sea-cret Discoveries

Grades K-2

Plan to Join Us at

Michigan State University!

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lat: 42.7226 lng: -84.4706

Road Maps
to a Creative Experience

Route for Everyone

  • Leave Criticism as quickly as possible
  • Start toward any Interest Area
  • Turn onto Divergent Thinking Way
  • Follow Imaginative Learning-Paths
  • Navigate through Challenges & visit Solutions
  • Journey as far as possible Beyond the Box

Route for Competitors

  • Start on « Route for Everyone
  • Collect friends to share the Adventures
  • Seek unchartered passages to reach creative solutions
  • Climb through local, regional & national tournaments
  • Take the top winners from around the globe
  • Arrive at WORLD FINALS!

The most creative roads lead to…

Odyssey of the Mind

World Finals

The pinnacle of team-based creative problem-solving competitions.

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Flashback to 2012!


World Finals 2012 Omers

Congratulations to all of the teams that competed at the Odyssey of the Mind 2012 World Finals! Omers made it a creative extravaganza where more than 800 teams from around the world shared their ideas and work. While only a few left with a trophy, everyone came out a winner just by solving an Odyssey of the Mind problem and competing on the world stage. Congratulations to all of you.

Thank you!

We are grateful to all coaches, judges, volunteers, supporters… everyone who helped to make Odyssey of the Mind 2012 such a success. Thanks also to the folks at Iowa State University for being fantastic hosts. We hope everyone had a wonderful World Finals experience, and that we will see you next year, May 22-25, at Michigan State University!

2012 Scores & Awards

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